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"Art in Stitches" by Renee

We are a full service needlepoint company offering stitching services, finishing services, custom canvas designs and a wide selection of amazing hand painted canvases from designers around the world.
Needlepoint Art Decor will show you canvases that relate to what you are looking for, matching fibers, fabrics, colors, stitches and finishing that compliment your decor. Our creative input makes all the difference. You can count on us from start to finish of every canvas.
Contact us at 917 916-3655

* Needlepoint Art Decor will no longer sell needlepoint art to Bograd Kids or Zoya Bograd.

That means you can come directly to the source and take advantage of our discounts.
Yes, now you can speak directly to the artist and create your very own decor.
Add to your collections!

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